We collectively employ 50 permanent staff members and, when the need arises, will employ temporary staff to carry out short-term deconstruction projects. We pride ourselves in making sure all our employees are properly and correctly protected whilst at work due to the nature of our business and the heavy duty machinery being operated each day.


KMR strives in providing a 24 hour service once a collection is scheduled, and to facilitate this turn-around time, make use of a fleet which consists of 40 vehicles ranging from 1 ton bakkies to 15 ton trucks, many of which are equipped with skip / bin lifters and cranes with grabs to ensure maximum efficiency. We ensure that all our trucks are serviced accordingly to ensure no down time to guarantee our efficient turnaround time and service.


Once the bulk scrap metal is sorted and separated, the larger unprocessed steel pieces are processed by Cutters using blow-torches and mechanical Sheers, reducing the larger metal structures into a smaller, more-manageable product. Baling Machines then compact the steel into a state more acceptable to the Steel Manufacturers. The high-performance Briquetting press is used and is specifically designed to process large quantities of chips and shavings.