KMR believes in trading within the law and therefore holds a zero tolerance policy with regards to trading suspicious or stolen scrap metal.

  • The metal scrap yard we use is SAPS certified for “dealer” and “recycler” activities, in terms of the SHGA, and is a member of the Metal Recyclers Association of SA (MRA) which is a SAPS accredited organization.
  • Scrap metal valuations are conducted by mass measurement by on-site certified scale equipment.
  • All physical transactions are recorded photographically for future reference.
  • All registered entities selling scrap metal must be able to provide proof of current SARS registration, valid tax invoices and bank details for receipt of EFT payments.
  • Parties selling scrap metal arising from contracts with state utilities, are required to substantiate the authority governing any related scrap metal disposals.
  • Other recycler / dealer suppliers must provide proof of SARS and SAPS registration.
  • Consumer / foundries are screened for legislative compliance prior to the establishment of a trading account with the company.